Black Expats in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea and is part of the West Indies. It is located south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola Island, the territory of Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Jamaica is the third most populous English speaking country in the America’s. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea and has a very strong cultural identity. African Americans expatriating there, appreciate its tropical climate and its natural resources.


Plane: Jamaica is served by two major international airports: Kingston Airport in the southeast of the island, and Montego Bay Airport in the northwest. Fly Jamaica is the low cost offering flights exclusively to New York, Toronto, and Georgetown.

Bus: Bus connections are surprisingly limited in Jamaica - no doubt due to the condition of the road network in some areas and the terrain. Knutsford Express provides connections between Kingston and the country's main tourist cities.

Taxis: Travelers especially black women should only go for JTB taxis by taking them from stations or hotels, do not hail one in the street, for safety reasons. However, they are affordable for short distances.


1. Finding good housing is one of the first concerns for black ex-pats when moving to Jamaica.

2. The cost of a rental apartment in the city center is less than the cost observed on average in the United States by 30%.

3. To buy a 3-room apartment in the city center for rent in Jamaica it costs $900. This amount being an average, it can drop to $500 and rise to $2500 depending on the season and the city.


Fortunately for travelers like Black women, Jamaica conforms to all the preconceived ideas one has about the Caribbean: dream beaches, a tropical climate, exuberant vegetation, and good music. It is a welcoming island, where you immediately feel the human warmth, it vibrates everywhere, it moves, the colors dazzle the view upon arrival at the airport. However, the life in Ocho Rios and Negril is more mid-range and highly affordable. Whereas living in a bustling city like Kingston is comparatively higher than the rest of other cities.

Cost of Living

The currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar. If you are going to be an expat in Jamaica, accommodation is the number one expense to consider. The cost of living in Jamaica is 26% lower than the United States, which makes it one of the best countries for black ex-pats. However, local purchasing power is 59% lower. The daily budget may vary depending on the products purchased and your eating habits. In general, the rent for a central apartment in Kingston is $600 per month. Public transport tickets remain affordable. For example, a taxi ride from Kingston to Montego Bay costs around $ 16.