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Are you ready to take the leap and become a part of the Black Broads Abroad expat community? Sick and tired of living an unfulfilled life in the Divided States and your ends barely meeting as a professional? Have you always dreamt of living an abundant life overseas? Well I’m here to help. My name is Phelena Jean, a four-time expat on four continents with travel to over 40 countries in between.

In 2011 I chunked the deuces to my marriage, my job and my home in the United States. Since that time I’ve lived in Brazil, Asia the Middle East and Africa in varying capacities, including being recruited for employment by top-tier institutions, as a real estate investor, an educator and serial entrepreneur. You can say that I’m not new to this expat lifestyle, but true to it!

I’ve experienced life more abundantly as a result of stepping outside of my comfort zone and leaving the Divided States and I want to give you the game on how to also live, thrive and get to the bag as a Black Broad Abroad! Whether you’re a young professional, single woman, partnered with children or an aspiring digital nomad, I’m here to coach you to living your best life abroad.

What you get with my Expat Coaching package?
    • 5 hours of strategic personalized expat coaching
    • Complete roadmap for your exit strategy
    • Industry + In-country connections
    • Membership to an exclusive global expat community
    • Free access to masterclass webinars
    • GTFO of America Blueprint book + workbook
    • Discounts on courses, premium content and merch

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Are you just beginning to explore the idea of becoming an expat and need ad hoc support to make a sound plan? Book a consultation starting at only $99 and I will help you to develop a personalized strategy and action plan.


Phelena opened my eyes to the possibility of a more fulfilling personal and professional life outside of the United States. With her expat coaching I was able to formulate a plan for my exit strategy for an upcoming year long sabbatical. I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Qrescent Mali - Professor of Philosophy

It was an absolute pleasure working with Phelena. She has helped me to plan my escape from the United States and put together an actionable game plan to relocate to Central America where my money will quadruple. I’m so appreciative. Phelena’s coaching has changed the trajectory of not only my life but my children as well.

Tamara Graham - Realtor and Mother of 4

Phelena has been a gem. When I relocated from Miami to West Africa, Phelena was a consistent resource and made my transition to living overseas more seamless. She really takes time to listen to her clients and linked me with business opportunities and people on the ground in Africa.

Dana Cody - Reality Star Beauty Entrepreneur

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