Black Expats in South Africa

South Africa... the treasure of gold and platinum. South Africa is a particularly welcoming country for family expatriates, which makes it a destination choice for a large number of African Americans. Everything is there: beaches, desert, savannah, big cities, and mountains. And you can do everything there in terms of activities and discoveries. South Africa welcomes Black expatriates from all over the world. It thus presents a diverse population. The country is extremely developed and is home to many multinational companies with varied activities, which generate employment for many African Americans wishing to settle in South Africa.


Plane: Three companies, namely SA Airlink and SA Express connect all the major cities and some smaller cities. There are also low-cost carriers, such as Kulula Airlines and Mango, which offer low cost scheduled flights between major countries.

Train: There are several types of trains in South Africa like First class train, Blue train, Metrorail, and Shosholoza meyl. Trips can take up to approximately 36 hours. The price of the tickets is around 650 rand.

Bus: Several bus companies operate routes throughout South Africa. There are major lines, such as lines serving neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia, or Malawi. The prices of these buses vary according to the season.

Taxis: Many taxi companies are operational in all cities. The price is calculated per kilometer, thanks to a meter systematically in good condition. Usually, black women prefer it more for traveling a short distance


1. Finding accommodation in South Africa is particularly not a complicated task in itself: the rental market is very developed but the supply for middle-class accommodation remains relatively limited.

2. The amount of rent in itself is more or less fluctuates between $500-$1500 on average for a five-room apartment depending on its location in a residential area or in elite suburban areas.

3. Prices will be higher for the same type of accommodation in Cape Town.

4. The rent varies considerably not only from the city and districts but also from the type of building.


South African cities are highly attractive to African Americans. Though the culture and living vary from city to city. In Capetown, life is a bit more expensive, whereas if you want to reside in Durban or Pretoria, then with less expenditures you can live an excellent life. Also, Johannesburg is highly opted by Black ex-pats due to a cheaper cost of living and the fact that there are more Black people in the city. Whereas Durban is mostly Indian and Capetown is very White.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in South Africa is on average substantially lower than in the United States, especially in terms of food and rents which makes it a more desirable country for black ex pats. Of course, everything will depend on your lifestyle and your consumption pattern. On the other hand, for outings, hotels which have a little luxury and electronics, the prices are equivalent to those practiced in Western countries. When you shop in South Africa, the price of food and household products is slightly lower than in the U.S. mostly on meat, fish and produce. Bills for water, waste, and electricity are also substantially lower than in the U.S. A single budget friendly expat can very easily survive on $1,000 per month. Those with a bigger budget and who would like to live a so called “Beverly Hills” lifestyle in South Africa should budget for $2500 per month or more.