Black Expats in Malaysia

If there is one country that deserves to be visited and explored in totality, it is Malaysia. Marked by the domination of several colonizers over the years, Malaysia has an impressive cultural heritage. Surrounded by magnificent beaches and with a surprising cultural richness, Malaysia is much more than a postcard. A developed, dynamic, and prosperous country in Asia, the country is one of the Asian tigers and one of the most preferred African American expats. A partner of giants such as Japan and the United States, Malaysia has a lot to offer black ex-pats seeking new professional prospects, as well as students and retirees.


Plane: It will be a good way if you plan to link East Malaysia to West Malaysia. Air Asia is a Malaysian company that serves many destinations around the world and in the country at very low fares. It is not very expensive, especially if you have taken the time to compare prices.

Train: In West Malaysia, you will find two main train lines, one that reaches Thailand from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur and another serving the east coast. A train ride doesn't cost much, but the trains are very slow! So plan accordingly.

Bus: It is the fastest and easiest way to get around Malaysia. Many travelers like
black women prefer buses for traveling between the cities of Malaysia.

Private taxis: Look for ``teksi`` terminals, these are collective taxis, they usually leave when they are full and serve large and medium-sized towns. It's a comfortable way to travel but will cost you twice as much as the bus.


1. Accommodation in Malaysia is easy and provides multiple options for Black ex-pats. It cost around 2036 RM/pm or $485 per month for a single person.

2. One-third of rentals in Malaysia are condo.

3. In a condo, it is a cultural mix where you can find all possible amenities: swimming pool, barbecue area, tennis courts, children’s games, gym, sauna, and even supermarket and nursery for some.

4. Then the semi-detached houses that are attached to one side only, so you can expect more space outside and fewer floors.

5. Then the townhouses or bungalows a “real” isolated house, sometimes on one level. These types of houses are especially preferred by black women during their vacation.


Comfortably nestled between Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, Malaysia is one of the most visited destinations, by black women. Between its ancient traditions, its unchanging folklore, its rich culture, and its succulent gastronomy have raised the number of black ex pats in recent years. Malaysia has made a reputation for itself thanks to its heavenly beaches, such as Pantai Kok, Turtle Beach, or Pantai Cenang.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Malaysia is considerably lower than in the United States. If you have savings to travel or to settle in, you will do well. Living in Malaysia improves the standard of living primarily for ex-pats. Note that living in Malaysia in the part located on the island of Borneo is about 30% more expensive.