Black Expats in Brazil

Brazil, a name that resonates like a dream in the minds of travelers. The largest country in South America, Brazil is beyond the clich├ęs. A country with a rich history strongly influenced by Portuguese colonization and a prolific African culture, due to the transatlantic slave trade. Brazil is one of the best countries for Black and African American expats, because it has the largest population of Blacks outside of Nigeria. Living here you will blend in. Picking up some fundamental Portuguese before you go and while you are there will be important.


By plane: Most travelers start their trip to Brazil by landing in Rio or Sao Paulo. Air tickets are usually cheaper during summers and between Feb to May ( After carnival).

By Bus: Long-distance buses connect the major capitals of South America. But these trips usually take more than 3 days, so plan accordingly.

Private vehicles: The road network is in good condition and largely covers the country, so if you own a vehicle you can easily drop in any city of Brazil.

International travel: Many national airlines provide internal connections, with a wide choice of timetables and prices: it is possible to fly to any state in Brazil.


1. Brazil is considered as one of the best places for African Americans to live. It is still a relatively cheap country for a person or family to resettle.

2. If you are planning to move here, then you will be happy to know that by earning dollars your money will triple. Therefore spending less than your budget in the United States, you can live a splendid life here.

3. For those on budget, private home rentals, and apartments, houses and villas are available at affordable prices. It cost around $327 to $800 per month.


If you consider the seasons in Brazil, the climate is tropical in the north with a dry season and a wet season, it is more temperate in the south and on the coast, and overall it is hot all year round in Brazil.


Life in Brazil is more than just samba dancing and partying. The beautiful cities of Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Salvador make it the most visited travel destination for Black women. You will fall in love with festivals, local, religious celebrations, sporting events, etc., throughout the year in Brazil. Also don't forget the world-famous event: the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. From the beautiful Rio to the Iguazu Falls, seen from the sky or seen from below, it invites you to discover this immense land.

Cost of Living

On some points, it is advantageous to live in Brazil. The cost of living in Brazil is comparatively low as compared to the United States and other Western countries. However, some cities are almost as expensive as Paris, especially Sao Paulo or Rio. The ``budget friendly`` regions are those located inside the territory such as Minas Gerais, Goias, Tocantins, Bahia or even the Center-Ouest. Black ex-pats usually settle in these regions where the cost of living remains affordable.