Best Places For African Americans To Live Abroad

Are you planning to move overseas with your family, partner or as a single professional but you don’t know which country to choose?

Most of us have lived and worked in the same place and city, with our same group of family and friends for years. This can make the idea of leaving your comfort zone both exciting and scary. But there are destinations that will make you feel at home.

According to a study by International Living, more African Americans are getting rid of their possessions and heading abroad to retire or resettle. This is due to lower living costs in some countries, improved climates, and the urge to explore other parts of the world.

Important things to consider when resettling in a country, include availability of well-paying jobs or your ability to bring in a portable income, the affordability of housing and the potential quality of your social life.

With this in mind, we’ve listed three of the best places for African Americans to live.


Life in Ghana may be the Pan-Africanist experience of your lifetime! Ever since the nation’s independence in 1957, the various ethnic groups in Ghana have managed a peaceful coexistence, creating a beautiful cultural and historic landscape.

The language you are most likely to hear on the streets and marketplaces will vary because the many different tribes living in Ghana speak more than 70 languages between them. However, Ghana is an Anglophone nation and English is universally spoken, lending to a more seamless transition.

For those looking for a more fast paced city life the capital city of Accra boasts world class features and accommodations, but it comes at a price. Though cheaper than most major American cities, sticker shock can occur on some items, such as housing and food. The average cost for rent in a middle class to upper class area will run you roughly $800 per month. Whereas cities like Kumasi, are a fair bit more affordable for those interested in a slower pace environment.

One of the biggest draws for African Americans to live in Ghana is the country has recently opened its door for dual residency for people of African descent in the Diaspora.


Qatar, perhaps not as well known as some of its Middle Eastern neighbors, due to its small size and population is a beautiful Islamic nation boasting beautiful architectural design, a robust expat community and a lifestyle that is unmatched. Qatar has also managed to remain unscathed by much of the region’s economic and political turmoil and remains the wealthiest nation in the world per capita.

These features make it an ideal destination for African American professionals to live. Like many other countries in the region, Qatar relies heavily on importing their human resources, which means professionals like you are recruited to work in a multitude of industries, including medical professionals, educators, architects and a range of other business fields.

Recently, the small, relatively young nation has received positive world-wide accolades, for its healthy economy, a willingness to spend its fortunes to improve the lives of its people and build educational and cultural institutions. Being named the 2022 World Cup host has not hurt its recognition factor either.

Although Qatar is a progressive Islamic nation, be prepared for initial culture shock. The country is home to one liquor store in the entire country, a facility that also sells pork. Drinking is only allowed in selected hotels and in the home. Gender segregation is rampant in both public and private establishments (with some exceptions) and the weather is only optimal from November through April. Overall, Qatar is an excellent place to live for African Americans, to work and save a ton of money. When you are recruited to work here, your housing, transportation and flight allowances are covered by your employer.


Rwanda is the Land of a Thousand Hills. It is green with a great climate all year round.

Consisting of roughly 4 regions: the rainforest in the south of the country (Nyungwe); the savanna-like area in the east of the country (where you can find Akagera National Park); the lush and green volcanoes in the north of the country (Virunga), where the impressive mountain gorillas live; and of course Lake Kivu in the west of the country, with peaceful towns and waterfront hotels in Kibuye and Gisenyi.

Kigali, is Rwanda’s capital city and is considered the cleanest city in Africa. After experiencing genocide decades ago, the country has rebounded as a force to be reckoned with on both the African and world stage. Kugame, Rwanda’s president is touted as the best leader in Africa. A country that welcomes thought leaders, academics, bankers executives and a gamut of professionals from around the world to ideate on pushing the country forward, this might be the closest thing we have to Wakanda.

It’s safety, low crime rates, premier educational institutions and modern infrastructure positions Rwanda as one of the best places for African Americans to live.