Best Countries For Black Expats

Every year thousands of people decide to move to other countries for work, love, or fun. Many choose vastly different countries from their own to experience other cultures, while some decide to play it a bit safer and opt for places with cultures similar to their own.

Black families who are looking to relocate have many things to consider before moving abroad: how the transfer will change their daily lives and influence their familial structure; whether the medical care will meet their needs; and what it means for one’s emotional well-being and financial position.

With all of this in mind, we’ve listed the top 4 countries for Black expats to live with their families.

South Africa

Black expatriates migrating to South Africa will find a world of wonder within the boundaries of this beautiful country. The most popular cities to move to in South Africa are, Cape Town because of its magnificent coastal location, history, multicultural population, and its stunning green spaces. Durban, also a coastal city situated on the Indian Ocean side and Johannesburg.

There are many multinational companies in South Africa that offer exciting work opportunities for Black expatriates. Living costs in South Africa vary from city to city, but it is significantly cheaper than in most major cities around the world.
The black population makes up 75% of South Africa’s total population, making it a huge selling point for Black expats.


Mexico is an excellent and popular destination for Black expatriates. The cost of living varies from city to city, however, the most popular destinations for Black expats, are Mexico City, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Porto Vallarta.

Mexico is highly affordable and you can live well here for just $1200 per month as a single person, tag on a few hundred dollars extra, for couples and families. Many Black expats find Mexico to be an ideal location due to its warm climate, low living costs, rich cultural traditions. Additionally, Mexico’s proximity to the United States and their 6 month tourist visa, makes it one of the best countries for Black expats.


Panama is a great place for Black expatriates. The low cost of living and predominant Black and Brown population makes it a prime location for Black expatriates.

You can live comfortably in Panama for a thousand dollars a month as a single person, but those who enjoy more extravagant lifestyles can easily need a lot more. It is an ideal and safe place for Blacks to live with their families as it has low crime rates and a long life expectancy. Also, Panamanians tend to treat expats with extra respect and care and will make you feel right at home. Therefore, Panama consistently ranks high as a country for Black people to expatriate.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a destination that’s extremely popular amongst Black expats because of its laid back nature-focused vibes. It is a rapidly developing country, with 8 percent of the country’s population being Black.

Additionally, Costa Rican culture is a vibrant mix of indigenous heritage that attracts Black expats to settle here. Costa Rica is a very clean and safe place to live with family. It has the perfect tropical climate, universal healthcare, a stable economy, and a low cost of living, making it a great country for Black people to resettle.

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