Why This Plant Based Nutrition Consultant Said Peace Out To Atlanta And Moved With Her Husband To Doha Qatar

In episode 2 of Black Broads Abroad, Phelena interviews Anastasia Hayes, a former IT Project Manager, Business Consultant and Instructor, who before becoming a corporate America dropout, worked for Fortune 500 companies such as; American Express, TransUnion, and Macy’s. Anastasia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida A&M University and after gaining valuable experience in the IT field she went on to obtain her MBA. Despite her professional achievements, she knew early on THAT she would not be able to fulfill her dreams of living abroad and traveling the world by maintaining the status quo. In 2012, Anastasia and her husband packed their bags and set off to realize the dream. During her 3/12 years of living abroad, she gave birth to a baby girl and traveled to a host of countries and blogged about these experiences via her blog My Beautiful Expat Life. Anastasia currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with her family and is participating in a food startup accelerator program, preparing for the launch of her plant-based food company.

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