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From South Central to Serial Entrepreneur

Phelena Jean is a retired international educator and visionary serial entrepreneur with a breadth of global experience that spans across business sectors, including Beauty, Media, Real Estate. Originally from South Central Los Angeles, Phelena’s professional and personal trajectory is one that defies all statistical data. Raised by her single father, a juvenile delinquent and high school dropout that has gone on to earn two degrees in the Arts and Humanities, with further academic and business training at Georgetown University and University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

Ever the one to embark upon an unconventional path, in 2011 after going through a painful divorce, Phelena chunked the deuces to her marriage, dead end job and the Divided States of America. Her first international adventure began in Salvador Bahia, Brazil, when she moved to a country and continent where she knew no one. Since then, Phelena has gone on to live on four continents with travel to over forty countries in between.

Now, focusing her passions on inspiring other Black women, to take the leap and live their best lives outside the confines of their home country, she has created Black Broads Abroad, a platform and community that shines the spotlight on compelling Black women who are thriving abroad.

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