Central America, Ayauascha and How to NOT Travel Like A Tourist

In episode 3, I interview Ashlea Pope, Black Broad Abroad extraordinaire. Ashley currently resides in Mexico City and had stops before that throughout Central America, including Guatemala and Nicaragua. She also lived in Southeast Asia as well as Germany. Ashley is the founder od
She is the founder of @nomadiknation a consciously curated pop up shop designed for global citizens. In addition, Ashley is the cofounder of Saint and Center, a CBD product line that advocates for inclusion of marginalized people in the cannabis space.
Listen in as we discuss our favorite “trip” with Ayauascha, a psychoactive brewed tea, that is best taken with a Shaman. We share tips about funding your travel, how to make dollars and live exceptionally well in Central America, without the stresses of the rat race. We also discuss the noted differences between tourists and travelers and the importance of cultural immersion.

Follow Ashlea Pope @ashnomadik on IG as well as her businesses @nomadiknation and @saintandcenter.

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