Why This Aerospace Engineer Gave Up Her 20 Year Career To Pursue Her Passion In South Africa

In episode 16, I interview Kenna L Williams, who founded a travel company of the same name in 2017. For years, she conducted the infamous trademarked Dubai Blackout trips as a hobby but friends convinced her to turn her passion of showing people the world into something greater to inspire others to travel. Ms. Williams is known in travel circles as the creator of the trademarked phrase #BookDatIsht and one of the survivors of the Panama 13 accident of 2015. She has been featured in Essence magazine, Huffington Post and various travel blogs/outlets. Ms. Williams is an aerospace engineer by degree but her real passion is exploration as she is a descendant of the explorer Matthew Henson. Ms. Williams hosts several group trips throughout the year and she also provides travel consulting and planning plus private hire.

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