Why This Designer + E-Commerce Consultant Moved Her Business Operations To Ghana

In episode 18, I interview Tomara Watkins. Tomara is the Founder of Loza Tam, an eCommerce brand of satin-lined headwraps that are handcrafted in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. Tomara (AKA “Tam”) is an eCommerce entrepreneur who has over 10 years of digital marketing experience growth hacking CPG and beauty brands like Bevel, FORM, and Heat Free Hair. She’s traveled to over a dozen countries on the continent of Africa. It was when Tomara went to Howard University that she fell in love with all things Africa. After traveling to Ghana, the bold prints and colors spoke to her, and she came up with the idea of African print, satin-lined headbands, and head wrap turbans. Determined to build a business with women, like the women in her family, she ensures that all of Loza Tam’s products are crafted by women entrepreneurs, so they can support their families and continue to plant the same seeds that were planted in her as a young adult. Tomara has grown Loza Tam to be a six-figure eCommerce brand and she is passionate about supporting and teaching other women how to generate revenue online.

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